Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Paintings.

A couple of weeks ago a blogged about two of my favorite classical paintings, one from Boticelli and the other from Caravaggio. The link to the post is here - "Lovin Boticelli & Caravaggio". Recently I made a piece to hang on my wall.  I edited several copies of the paintings with PhotoShop giving them different effects like hue-saturation, black and white and zooming different parts like the faces. Then I print them out and paste it onto some cardboard paper. My idea was to give the sense of the painting being de-constructed or "dissected". What do you think about my idea?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Different Kind of Blog.

I come across this blog naturesnooze.blogspot.com by user TheDeftGamer. To me is a different design, if he´s idea is to change the images from time to time it can be an entertaining blog. Check it out. Also check out the new Kindle from Amazon.com.

It has a faster navigation, a new chassis 50 percent lighter and 25 percent smaller than previous models and the best thing of all, it has an enhanced display. I guess its disadvantage is that it is still not available in color, people is used to see color.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Record eating Burgers

Reading the news of a Wisconsin man who recently reached a record of eating 25,000 burgers in 39 years, reminded me of the addiction I had with those things. Fortunately I don´t eat anymore in fast-foods but there was a time (it was a about the year 2005) that I would have burgers from McDonald´s as breakfast and as lunch, then at dinner I would eat something else.

My menu consisted of two McDouble, small french fries, and a bottle of water in the morning. (I remember they raised the price of the McDouble from 99¢ to $1.25, I don´t know how much it costs now.) Then in the afternoon as lunch I would have three McDoubles, small french fries and a bottle of water. As I mentioned previously, at night I would have any other regular food - not from fast-foods. This would go for about four months straight. In that time I noticed two things: I became fat, in fact during that time I weighted the most I have ever weight in my life. Second, something very strange, I would get angry if I didn´t had my meal. I´m not kidding. My mood changed and I would get mad at people for no reason. When I realized these things I decided to stop eating at fast-foods "restaurants" and I´m glad I did.

Link to the original news is here.
this is the guy that ate all the burgers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Contaminating Butts

I admit it. I´ve smoked cigarettes just to know what it was like and I didn´t like it. I just didn´t liked the taste and if we think the habit of smoking is a lot of money. If we do a hypothetical math exercise we can take a person who uses 1 pack every day. Let´s say a pack of cigarettes is 5 dollars and 50 cents, multiply that 365 days a year, which would equal $2,007.50. In 5 years you would have spent $10,037! That´s quite a sum.

I was browsing for information on smoking and I found out an interest fact. I always thought cigarette´s butts were made of some cotton fiber or some sort of paper, but it is actually a plastic that takes decades to decompose. On top of that cigarette butts go down the sewers reaching the sea. A percentage of all ocean and beach debris is cigarette butts, OceanConservancy.org.
The Marine Debris Program also gives information on the composition of garbage that affects oceans, also mentioning that debris such as cigarettes butts have been found in the stomach content of some birds and other marine animals.

Browsing, I also came across this little computer that makes you a program to gradually stop smoking cigarettes. The LifeSign QuitKey Smoking Cessation Computer it is so small you can take it with you. You just need the commitment to stop smoking. My goal with this post is not to make you quit smoking, you do that if you want. Have a nice day!

Friday, May 06, 2011

Lovin' Boticelli & Caravaggio

Today I want to share with you two of my favorites paintings. One is from Italian painter Sandro Botticelli and its called Saint Sebastian:

Executed in 1474 it was made with tempera on a 195cm by 75cm panel. It is actually housed in Berlin. (I wish I could see it one day, hit the "donate button" on top of the page to make this happen.) What I love about this painting is the expression on Saint Sebastian´s face, like if saying: even though you hurt me physically, you can´t hurt my soul.

Another painting I love, also comes from an Italian painter and it is John, the Baptist by Michelangelo Caravaggio:

Painted in 1604 it was made with oil on canvas with a dimension of 173cm by 133cm. This one housed in Kansas, US and I had the blessing of being able to see it in person. The cool think about this painting is the use of shadows, when you see it in person, the figure almost seems to be getting out of the painting.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Be Neighborly

Right in front of my house lives an old person, all by himself. He is about 80 something years. His only support is his sister, who occasionally comes to visit him. Sometimes is our daily routine we don´t have time to stop and care for the needs of others, even if they live right across our street. Now what I do is I from time to time I take him a cup of coffee and some bread, and I have identify that what he needs more is someone to talk. He spend so much time alone, it is sad. I try to spend time with him and one can tell by face that he enjoy the company even if is for a couple of minutes. What stories do you have with you neighbours? Have ever went to a neighbour you never met before and introduce yourself?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Turn it Off

If you want to make something useful with your TV, turn it off. That´s the best you can do. A staggering percentage of homes all over the World have television sets, of these, almost half of them have three or more televisions. Even more, it is most likely one of the televisions might be in the bedroom. It is advisable to remove televisions from bedrooms since it promote that we spend more time watching at it.

After giving these advice I must say that I have reduce the time I spend watching TV to the point that I don´t watch tv anymore... but I have change it for something else. Now I watch a lot of online series. Which is not good either. Even though now I read more, I go to the gym, I do some gardening and hang out with my friends more, I have decided to stop following some series. The series I will stop following are Outsourced and The Office. The series I will keep following are Modern Family, Raising Hope, Archer, & Parks and Recreation.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

8-legged Visitor

Last night a received unexpected & unwanted visit from this bad-ass spider.

I was watching the latest episode of Park and Recreation when I saw it near the window. I was trying to take it outside alive but my nephew came in with a roach killer spray and terminated the poor insect´s life. :(

I don´t know the specie. At least it wasn´t as big and dangerous as a Camel Spider which I didn´t knew existed but apparently there´s even a whole site dedicated to it: camelspiders.net. In honor to the deceased creature I leave this information on spiders from an entomologist in a Texas university: Spiders.