Thursday, April 28, 2011


Recently I went to a friend´s beach house and got the opportunity to see this impressive group of seagulls. My friend told me that they came everyday before sunset looking for food.

the Sun looks astonishing

looking at them I thought of how in the distance they looked like pterodactyls, I think pterodactyls might have occupied a niche similar to seagulls.

I made a video for a friend that is feeling very depressed. I hope he feels better soon!
piano music by Masashi Hamauzu from the cd: Piano Collections - Final Fantasy XIII

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Last Typewriters

The last typewriter factory in the World closes!
Typewriters were invented around the year 1867 and from then on revolutionize the way people communicate, now the last company that was located in India will stop manufacturing them. Typewriters were still widely used in that country until recently.
Did you ever used a typewriter?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Thinking Randomly #2

A new and wonderful day! I´m happy today. A brief chapter of my life closed with a positive ending! Instead of a boyfriend, I ended up with a good friend, which is worth more. So for the good and the bad, I give THANKS.

On other matter, some days ago Nicole✗ ✗ gave me an award on her blog. That was totally unexpected and made me ultra happy.  She have this great blog with a cool design, in it she posts some delicious recipes, cool movie reviews, fashion stuff and she also have the "Ramdom Things about Me" section which is funny and entertaining. Don ´t be lazy, check her blog! -

Also for thinking Ramdonly #1 posted on February 14, 2011 click here.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Peaceful Walk

Imagine you´re walking through this peaceful place...
Open your mind and let it flow....
Leave the worries of the World behind...

Release your worries, fears & desires to the Universe!

Sorry for the shakiness, I was walking and decide to take the video so I didn´t have any image stabilizer.

The song is Om Sazabee from the album Bhakti Music - Medicine Buddha.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mercedes: The Polar Bear

      Mercedes a polar bear from the Highland Wildlife Park in England had to be put to 'sleep' after years of dealing with arthritis. Mercedes was saved from being shot back in 1984 when she lived in the wild, then she was brought to live in a zoo. She gave birth to two cubs  while in captivity. Zoo employees were very sad for this situation.

There are so few Polar Bear in the wild, is too bad we´re losing such a wonderful specie.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Air Pollution Affecting Europe.

      A recent report states that nitrogen largely produced by human activity ("vehicle exhausts, factories, artificial fertilisers and manure from intensive farming, etc.") is threatening biodiversity in Europe. According to the report two threats produced by the excess of nitrogen are:
  1. "It can make acidic soils too acidic to support their previous mix of species."
  2. Since nitrogen is a fertiliser "it favours wild plants that can maximise the use of nitrogen to help them grow."
This is from a study made in Europe, mainly England, I guess the rest of the World is in a similar situation.
Source: BBC News

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ants for Ants

I´m surprised this video has almost 5 million views, probably most of you have seen it but anyway I publish it since I find it fascinated. In the video ants put to good use every part of a dead gecko, this is a magnificent example of team work.

(Video mat not be suitable for those with a weak stomach or those afraid of reptiles.)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clean Ocean Project!

Following the "beach" subject of my last post, I want to blog about the non-lucrative organization called Clean Ocean Their purpose is to raise awareness and find cool ways to improve people´s attitude towards the ocean and beach environment. Besides motivating people to take an active role in the protection of ocean´s water, other goal is to demand from local, state, and federal authorities a radical change regarding the treatment of the oceans. Check out Clean Ocean Project´s Facebook Group.

Thanks to blogger: Lucifer ( for pointing me to this organization.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sunny Day at the Beach

Yesterday I finally took some time to go to the beach and since it was a weekday, the beach was deserted, just the way I like it: the beach all to myself, perfect for relaxation & meditation.
my camera lens was overwhelmed by the power of the Sun

nature is amazing!

this dog appeared, then I felt he was trying to lead me somewhere

as if he was a messenger from Nature, he lead me here...

 ...a dump-site where visitors to this amazing beach don´t have decency to pick up their own garbage after they leave and just throw it there. After witnessing so much beauty and then coming to this, I felt rage. But I had to face the reality in front of me.
One of the problems with littering the beaches is that all the garbage will eventually reach the sea by the action of erosion (wind, rainfall, etc.) I always bring a small bag to gather my own garbage and take it to proper disposal site. Now I know next time I come to this paradise I will take a large trash bag (or several) to pick some of the shit left by unconscious/careless people. If everyone that visit this place would pick up their garbage, we all could enjoy this gift from Nature.

On another note: I found this hologram movie poster of "The Ring 2"... too bad it was in such a bad state :(

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wishing wishes!

Surfing the Internet I found this video, which I think is quite beautiful. In the video a guy named Davey Wavey ask his contacts for a wish, then takes the time to write them in a special paper and symbolically released them to the World. He also has a fitness blog and a youtube channel, so check it out.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Sharks Munching on Lionfish

Brian Handwerk a collaborator for National Geographic News reported that Honduran authorities and ecologists are trying to make sharks develop a taste for lionfish. This as an effort to reduce population numbers of that fish which is not native to that area of the Globe. Lionfish are originally from the Pacific and Indian Oceans and it´s thought that the fish specie was 'accidentally' introduced by aquarium hobbyists about a decade ago. Handwerk states that "lionfish populations have exploded", they´re currently wide-spread in the waters of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and U.S. Southeast. Female lionfish can lay around 200 million eggs each year, resulting in a prosperous propagation of the specie.

I think that people overfished sharks and other species that would have been able to effectively deal with the lionfish. I guess the lionfish is just taking advantage of a new 'predator-less' environment. We cannot blame any animal specie for human error. The State of Florida for example is currently being invaded by harmful reptiles and fish species, released in the wild by irresponsible people. The risk of the introduction of a foreign specie into an ecosystem is that it will compete and most likely eradicated native species, as is the case of the lionfish which might be harming other fish populations such as grouper, parrot fish and snapper.
photos by Antonio Busiello for National Geographic
photos by Antonio Busiello for National Geographic

Conscious Men Apologize to Women

   The next video is just beautiful,
this is from the video description: "...Conscious Men from around the World offer apologies to Women for thousands of years of imbalance between masculine and feminine energy, as well as vision of a new era of co-creation."
   There´s hope of a better future!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Keep the Child

Netease News reported that a couple from China who recently got divorced is facing another court issue. It seems none of them want custody of their 4 years old son!

The mother says that she doesn´t have the ability to take care of the child, while the father says having the child would affect his job and the kid itself. The judge might solved this case in an unusual manner, by an auction: the parent willing to give more money to the other will be "free" of taking the child´s custody.

It turns out that this is not the first case of this matter in China. In 2000 another couple didn´t wanted custody of their 9 years old daughter. The father end up accepting the custody for the sum of aproximately 35,000 US dollars [250,000 Yuans (¥)] given by the mother of the child.

    What worries me more out of this issue is the emotional well being of the child, even though the kid might be too small to know what´s happening, children can be very intuitive and sense when something´s wrong with their parents.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Space Dog: Laika

Launched on November 3, 1957, Laika became the first animal (dog) to orbit Earth. Some of you probably knew about this dog. But what most of you may not know is that there was a band from Spain that composed a song in her honor. The band was Mecano and they released the song in 1988 in the album titled 'Descanso Dominical'. The song is in Spanish language but I include the English translation of the lyrics found in the video´s description.

lyrics in English language:
She was Russian and her name was Laika
She was a very ordinary dog
Pass from being a simple animal
To be a World-Wide star

They put her inside a shuttle
To observe her reaction
She was the First Astronaut
In outer space
In outer space

Preparing to ignite the rocket to send her 
[Mission] Control on Earth says to Laika: goodbye
oooh oh oh oh

In the base everything was silent
Waiting for any signal
All with their helmets on their ears 

They heard the dog barking

While on Earth there was a big a party 

Shouts, laughs, tears and champagne
Laika looked through the window, [asking]
What could this ball of color be?
And what I´m doing revolving around it?

Preparing to ignite the rocket to send her
[Mission] Control on Earth says to Laika: goodbye
oooh oh oh oh

One night through a telescope
A new light appeared
Nobody was able to give an explanation
To the appearance of the new sun

And if we rely on the legend
Then we should think
That on Earth there´s one dog less
And in the sky, one more Star
And in the sky, one more Star


Preparing to ignite the rocket to send her
[Mission] Control on Earth says to Laika: goodbye
oooh oh oh oh
goodbye oooh oh oh oh

For me, the most dramatic part of the song is when the lead singer goes: "[Mission] Control on Earth says to Laika: goodbyeeee ooh oh oh oh". In the original Spanish lyric: 'el control en Tierra dice a Laika: adioooos ooooh oh oh oh'. Even though it´s sang in another language, it sounds with so much passion and sorrow. I really like that part.

Laika died about 5 hours after takeoff. Despite what people might say that this was in the name of science blah blah blah, I think it´s still sad. Years later the mission scientist, Oleg Gazenko said:
"The more time passes, the more I'm sorry about it. We shouldn't have done it... We did not learn enough from this mission to justify the death of the dog."

UPDATE: Thank you for all your comments. Some people have shown curiosity about what happened to the dog´s body. The answer is that months later the spacecraft was attracted back to Earth by the gravitational pull and it disintegrated during re-entry into the atmosphere.