Thursday, March 31, 2011

Past Imperfect - Perfect Present

Hard to believe; a kid found a message in a bottle almost 25 years after another kid threw it in the Baltic Sea.

A 13 years old kid from Russia was enjoying a walk in the beach when he spotted something in the sand that caught his attention. Tadaaaaa!
You got the Message in a Bottle!

He read the letter inside the bottle but it was written in German so he gave it to his father who understands a little bit of German.

The message read something like this:
"My name is Frank and I have 5 years. My dad and I are travelling in a boat on our way to Denmark. If you find this letter, please write me back, and I will answer you."

The letter was dated in the year 1987 and it has the address of the kid in Münich, Germany. The kid that send the bottle message currently is 29 years old and his parents still live at the address provided in the letter. He was astonishningly suprised when he received the news. He even said he had already forgotten he threw that bottle in the sea decades ago.

Next time I visit the beach I´m going to throw a message in a bottle... with my Twitter, Facebook and email address.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

World Prayer for the Water in Japan

  Masaru Emoto have done a lot of research on the power of words and is known for his study on how the energy of words can affect water. Now Mr. Emoto is inviting everyone to join a world-wide prayer for the water of Japan. The prayer goes like this:

“The Water of Fukushima nuclear plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we Love you.”

note: Masaru Emoto speaks Japanese in the video.
Here´s the text shown at the bottom of the video that will explain more:

March 29th, 2011
to Fellow Citizens of Planet Earth

    Because of the most massive earthquake of magnitude 9 and the huge tsunamis that followed the earthquake in Japan on March 11th, there are more than 11,000 victims and over 18,000 people are still missing… it’s been 18 days since the disaster happened. Furthermore, the Fukushima nuclear plant has been devastated, so not only air and sea water of nearby area have been affected, but also tap water of Tokyo area is even contaminated by radioactivity now. People are in a state of semi-panic by harmful rumors on agricultural products, sea food and even water. I perceive this catastrophic phenomenon as a beginning of the issue of the entire Earth, not just a problem of only Japan as an island country in far east. So many supports from abroad and media reports on this disaster have shown that whole Human beings are thinking that it is not just something happened in Japan, but it can happen to anyone in anywhere. It seems that people started to have more common consciousness of catastrophe as citizens of the Earth. Under such condition and when we think of; what can we do as citizens of the earth? and what do we have to do? I think the answer is just one? Unite in one mind as a citizen of the Planet Earth.
    I believe that we will come up with the following wisdoms only when we become one, and we will be able to make effective plans and actions. It is now the time to understand the meaning of the energy formula of Albert Einstein, e=mc2, and we shall practice it. Now, fellow citizens of this Planet Earth, let’s do our first try together as follows:

    Day and time: on Thursday, March 31st, 2011 12:00 noon in each time zone please say the following phrase:

    “The water of Fukushima nuclear plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you.”

Please say it aloud or in your mind. Repeat it three times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer.

With love and gratitude,
Masaru Emoto
Missionary of Water

March 31st, 2011 at Noon, World Prayer.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

White Lion (2010)

I´ve just finished watching the movie White Lion, not the best film I´ve seen but it is entertaining. It may seem slow sometimes but the most remarkable thing about this film are the splendid scenery shots. The movie was filmed in the Highveld in South Africa during summer time. Also it is fantastic to see the majestic lions in their habitat. The film director Michael Swan has extensive experience filming lions. I´ve learn from the movie that white lions are extremely rare but occasionally are born in areas of South Africa. Lions in general are a threatened specie.
White Lion. Photo from Wikimedia Commons.

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Others Dwelt Here"

"Others dwelt here before hobbits were; and others will dwell here again when hobbits are no more. The wide World is all about you: you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out..." This is one of my favorite quotes from Lord of the Rings by Tolkien found in The Fellowship of the Rings (page 93 on Ballantine Books´ edition). This was Gandalf talking to Frodo about hobbits being so secluded from the rest of Middle Earth while in Mordor the dark forces were getting stronger: the orcs numbers were increasing, the ringwraiths were like crazy looking for the ring and all that stuff.

I think this quote can also be applied to ourselves. Sometimes we may think that because war is raging in some other part of the World, maybe war won´t come to our own doorstep. Yet war is just an example, we often heard about other dire news in some other countries and don´t care about it. We have to remember this planet is small compared to the vastness of Space so we must be more aware of was going on around us and became more active. In a micro level we fence ourselves from our neighbours even from our own family also. We humans have become very de-humanized.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Anti-Nuclear Marches in Germany

On Saturday March 26,2011 the streets of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne in the country of Germany were crowded with protests against nuclear power. In Berlin alone it is estimated 100,000 people took part in the manifestation with other tens of thousand throughout the other cities. Recently with the problem at Japan´s Fukushima plant, Germany have had more protests but this one had more participants than anticipated. Other protests are taking place around the World for example in the country of Turkey. There´s hope for a greener future.
Photo from a former protest in October, 2010 also in Germany.

Photo from

The anti-nuclear movement grows as people is learning how harmful nuclear power can be and how easy a power plant can blow-up whether by natural disaster, technical or human error, or terrorism.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fooling My Cat with the Mouse Pointer

To some people saturdays are caturdays... so I bring you a short video (30 seconds long) of my cat being fooled with the mouse pointer (a.k.a. arrow thingy)....
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hidden Cavern Leading to the "Unknown"

Researching about the Hollow Earth theory I came across some fascinating information. Among that I learned about the Tsangpo Gorge in Tibet which is one of the deepest canyons in the world (even deeper than the Grand Canyon of Arizona, US). This canyon originates in Mount Kailash and has a length of about 150 miles. By the way, tsangpo means the 'great purifier' and this might be related to the spiritual journey lamas do by travelling through the river in order to improve their faith. Tsangpo can also be known as the 'mighty one'.

The interesting thing which relate the canyon to the Hollow Earth theory is that the locals say there´s a waterfall with a hidden cavern behind. Allegedly, this cavern goes hundreds and hundreds of miles deep into the inner surface of the Earth. It leads all the way through the Earth´s shell but as one adventurer reported, the passage is sealed by a great metal door several miles below. This may sound as if it have been taken out a fantasy movie but is a possibility since it´s not the first time that local myths or legends turn out to be truth. Also the myth of Shangri-la, as described by James Hilton's in his  novel "Lost Horizons (1933)", is believed to have been inspired by the Tsangpo Gorge. And more interesting yet is the fact that from time to time, the different lamas journey down this cavern and knock on the metal door, hoping someday an emissary will emerge to help establish world peace as foretold in their profecies. Awesome!

In other hand, in 2009 China began plans of constructing a dam which will damage the ecology and geography of that place. As I mentioned on the post < New albatross specie >, there are so many unexplored things in this World (or things hidden to general population), is a shame we´re destroying them before knowing all its secrets.

If you want to do some research on your own. Look for the city of Agharta.

Monday, March 21, 2011

"New" Albatross Specie

Is a shame we´re destroying the World before knowing all its species and wonders. Recently a rare specie of albatross has been certified as a completely different specie, the debate was if it was related to another specie found in the Southern Ocean but that controversy was put aside with a DNA test. I introduce to you the Amsterdam Albatross.
Photograph by Jean-Yves Georges for National Geographic.

This specie spends most of its live in the Amsterdam Island, a volcanic isle located in the Indian Ocean. (coordinates: 37°49′33″ | 77°33′17″E).

Sadly, only about 170 birds remain. They differ from other albatross species by being slighty smaller, slightly browner plumage and laying eggs at a different time of the year. The bird is endangered due to the introduction of domestic animals and also the birds are getting tangled up with fishing lines and die.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tear Gas Fired at Syria Mourners!

Governments keeps repressing citizens throughout the World´s nations specially in the Middle East where things are tense right now. The BBC informed that Syrian "security forces" have fired tear gas to disperse crowds at a funeral of two people killed in anti-government protests. There were thousand of people gathered for the funeral and began chanting anti-government slogans, then the "security forces" (if we can call them that way, I would rather call them cowards) started firing tear gas and a lot of people get injured when they try to to run away. Protesters demand political freedom and an end to government´s corruption. It is important to mention that the same political party have been in power in Syria for almost 50 years!

UPDATE: the situation in the Middle East is becoming more tense as today France and U.S.A. have launched some missiles in Tripoli, Lybia to stop Gadhafi´s army.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never Again!

I was going through some old stuff in my room and came across my copy of The Diary of Anne Frank. Today, I want to share a passage from her diary which to me shows how intelligent and mature that girl was. Her writing skills were very good for a girl her age and for that reason the Diary is one of my favourite books.

"Who besides me will ever read these letters?
From who but myself shall I get comfort?
As I need comforting often,
I frequently feel weak and dissatisfied with myself;
my shortcomings are too great.
I know this and everyday I try to improve myself,
again and again."

Monday, March 14, 2011

My Cats´ New Hobby

So I just found out my mischievous cats have a new hobby: that is to pull out the keyboard´s keys of laptops...

Fascinating, maybe they´re trying to text back their home planet for the impending Lazer Cat Invasion. LOL. Yet the truth is scratching is a completely natural behaviour for cats, they do it to mark territory, for exercise and to keep their claws in shape. Maybe I failed to provide them with a scratching post.

So I ask you, who wants to take care of my cats for a week? You just have to make sure to hide your computers... LOL.

I still can´t find letter N.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rubber (2010)

OK... I had to publish a post about this movie because it seems sooo silly yet so cool that I need to see it, LOL. The movie is Rubber which is a French horror comedy about a tire (yes... you´re reading it right, a f***ing tire like the one in the photo below).

The tire discovers that it have psychic powers (god knows how) and starts killing people in a town. The film was directed and written by Quentin Dupieux. I will look for it at the store and as soon as I see it, I will update you guys and girls... can´t wait to see it, LOL.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Comics Covers

I love comics covers! Most of them have great art and indeed are pieces of artwork. Here I have some random covers that are great...
the Red Hulk... impressive

Namor always hot
a female Quasar? brilliant

Rawhide Kid, he put the 'y' in gay. Love him.

King Black Bolt, his highness!

Thor showing the frost giants who´s the boss!

dark cover by Jae Lee & June Chung for Dark X-Men #2... awesome
The White Queen holding the first mutant born since the 'Decimation'... almost looks like a wicked Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus

hellish... don´t mess with this lady

Thanks to all the cover artists, colorists/inkers, and pencilers that made these pieces of art. Now, tell me about some covers that have impressed you...

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nuclear Weapons

Recently I was watching a documentary and in one part they spoke of nuclear weapons testing conducted in some 'god-forgotten' place in the Pacific... so I started wondering how many nuclear testing have gone without people knowing? Hundreds I guess... The war against Mother Nature continues...
Australia; Marshall Islands; Nevada, US; China; and India have been some of the places where nuclear weapons testing have been conducted... and let´s not even talk about Hiroshima since that would require a whole post for that matter.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Flower Power

I love nature so I always try to take some time to get in touch with it. Sadly, that´s not always my reality, so one of the things I do is to have flowers around. I usually buy white lilies at my local market. They release an intense nice smell that disperse throughout my room but any flower will do, even a single one. Flowers are known to help reduce stress and bring harmony. And hey, don´t feel silly buying flowers if you´re dude... girls like men that are not afraid of what people say.
Hydrangea a.k.a. Hortensia is one of my favorite flowers... an interesting fact is that the flower´s color will vary depending on the pH of the soil (whether is more acidic or more alkalic).

Friday, March 04, 2011

Yesterday Android, Today Ubuntu

Yesterday I published a post about some infected apps on Android´s Market, today I found out that 40 vulnerabilities were discovered in the Ubuntu 10.04 kernel, the exploit also apply to Kubuntu, Edubuntu y Xubuntu... this is too much for me! LOL But I´m confident the Ubuntu Community will fix this fast... and it´s too good the Natty Narwhal is coming soon to poke all those who may come in its way!
I guess the 'Lucid Lynx' got distracted for a while... LOL

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Infected Apps on Android´s Market

"More than 50 applications on Google's Android Market have been discovered to be infected with a malware called 'DroidDream' which can compromise personal data by taking over the user's device..." It´s believed that approximately 200,000 Android devices may have become infected yet the number is unknown. The malware can retrieve product ID, model, country, and userID, among other things. In top of that, it has the ability to download more code. Yeah, baby! The malware is also able "to take complete control of a user's decive, and send detailed information such as the phone's IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) and IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and send them to remote servers." Fortunately, Google acted fast and took the apps out of business.

It´s less likely you have any of these apps since they´re not that popular but here are some of them: Falling Down, Super Guitar Solo, Super History Eraser, Super Ringtone Maker, Screaming Sexy Japanese Girls, Falling Ball Dodge, Bowling Time, Advanced Barcode Scanner, Super Bluetooth Transfer, Task Killer Pro, Sexy Girls: Japanese, Sexy Legs, Magic Strobe Light, Super Stopwatch & Timer, Advanced Compass Leveler, Finger Race, Bubble Shoot, Advanced Sound Manager, Magic Hypnotic Spiral, Basketball Shot Now, Omok Five in a Row, Super Sexy Ringtones...among others.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Facebook Photos

Say what!!! Have a look at this! Facebook possesses the biggest photo collection in the entire Internet. It´s estimated that on this summer (2011) it will reach more than 100 billion photos. The numbers grow at a rate of 6 billion photos per month. According to the same study women are the ones that upload more photos. In other hand the day of less posting is wednesday and the days of more posting are saturday and sunday, this according to a study from Harvard University. Now this reminded me of another study conducted sometime ago, which found out that Facebook didn´t erased the photos from their server once you delete them from your profile. So they must have a huge crazy numbers of photos.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Two Ways of Conquering and Slaving

US ex-President John Adams said long time ago: "There are two ways of conquering and slaving a nation. One is by sword. The other is by debt." So today I want to congratulate the «system» for becoming so efficient over the centuries in getting people 'in debt up to their ears'. LOL